Source Quality
1. 40+ factories. 

2. Strategic partners hold the same belief to be reliable and responsible.
3.Survey and on site audit equipment, capacity and quality control system
4. Qualified supplier list by performance ( OTD,NC,price,service) is maintained and updated in time.
5. 10 + Years experience help us to judge what part go to which source. 

Part Quality
1. Our project & sales engineers help customers to improve design when FRQ is made. 
2. Continuous improvement has been implemented with training, standards, SOPs, 8D and etc. 
3. Quality assurance with fully traceable systems.
4. Control plan implement since raw material inspection to finished parts delivery. 
5. We carry out one year warranty policy. 

1. We take the time to learn and understand customers' business, goals and needs.
2. All emails are responded within 24 hours, and answer what customer expect. 
3. Weekly update of all orders to customers.
4. Our partners are well treated.

Shanghai Michigan


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Shanghai Michigan Mechanical Co.,Ltd No. 424, Ping Liang Road 1090 | Shanghai, China Sales@shsmm.com +86-21-35310435