helical gear



Outside Diameter(Do)

Φ8000mm(Hobbing), max; Φ2400mm(Grinding), max

Manufacturing Method:

Gear Milling/Gear Hobbing/Gear Grinding

Accuracy Grade(A): DIN5,AGMA13,ISO5,JIS1,or higher

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Helical Gear-Shanghai Michigan Mechanical Co Ltd

Material: SAE 1045, AISI 8620, SAE4140, SAE4340,SCM440,SNCM 420, 20CrMnTi, etc

Heat Treatment: Normalized, Quenched & Temper, Nitriding, etc

Software: Auto CAD, Solidworks, Kisssoft

Engineering service available


Features of Spur Gear:

1. Less noise and vibration compared with spur gear.

2. Thrust forces in the axial direction.

3. Higher strength compared with spur gear.



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